Canon PIXMA MG2525 printer

Affordable Home Printing, a simple printer for your home printing needs. The PIXMA MG2525 makes it easy to print documents and it even supports optional XL ink cartridges so you replace them less often. Welcome to affordable home printing. The PIXMA MG2525 is the All-In-One printer that’s just the right size and has all the right features. With black pigment ink text comes out great on regular paper.

Print Resolution: Up to 4800 x 600 dpi

Canon PIXMA MG2525 Replacement cartridges

Ink Compatibility:

  • PG-245 PGBK 8.0 ml (Std) / 12.0 ml (XL)
  • CL-246 Color 9.0 ml (Std) / 13.0 ml (XL)
  • PG-243 PGBK 5.6 ml
  • CL-244 Color 6.2 ml

How to change the toner cartridge Canon PIXMA MG2525 printer

Replace the toner cartridge if you receive a message on the printer.

  1. Make sure that the power is turned on.
  2. Retract the paper output tray the output tray extension.
  3. Open the cover.
  4. Remove the empty cartridge.
  5. Prepare a new cartridge. Take a new cartridge out of its package and remove the protective tape gently.
  6. Install the cartridge. Insert the new cartridge at a slant into the cartridge holder. Push the cartridge in and up firmly until it snaps into place.
  7. Close the cover.
  8. Adjust the print head position. After replacing the cartridge, perform the print head alignment.

How to scan documents Canon PIXMA MG2525

You can scan items placed on the platen with settings suitable for documents.

  1. Place the item on the platen
  2. Start IJ Scan Utility
  3. Click Settings..., select the Settings (Document Scan) dialog box, then set the paper size, resolution, etc. as required. When Settings is completed, click OK.
  4. Click Document. Scanning starts.

How to making copies using Canon PIXMA MG2525

Load the original on the platen glass to copy.

  1. Make sure that the printer is turned on.
  2. Load A4 or Letter-sized plain paper.
  3. Load the original on the platen glass.
  4. Press the Color button for color copying, or the Black button for black & white copying. The printer starts copying.
  5. Remove the original on the platen glass after copying is complete.

To cancel copying - press the Stop button.