How To Find A Printer's IP Address

Easy ways to quickly find your printer's IP address

This article explains how to find the IP address of your printer on your network in 4 ways:

  • Using printer's menu
  • Using printer settings on your computer
  • By running a command
  • on your router

Find the Printer IP Address Using the Printer's Built-In Menu

On most printers, the network setting is found in the printer menu under Preferences or Options.

How to find IP Address On Canon Printer

  • click on Settings and Adjustments
  • Select the option of Set or Adjust Menu and click on Ok
  • Drop down the IP Address Menu and click on the Interface Setup
  • Select the TCP/IP tab and move to the next tab
  • Press the IPv4 Settings

How to find IP Address On HP Printer

  • click on the Menu on the screen
  • Select Network Setup tab or Networking tab
  • Choose TCP/IP option
  • There will be information on IP Address

Find the Printer IP Address Using printer settings on your computer

If you don't have access to the printer or if you don't want to search through the menu system, find the printer IP address on any computer on which the printer is set up.
Open Control Panel -> Devices and Printers. Right-click the printer and select Properties.

Mac OS
System Preferences and click on Printers and Scanners. Right-click on it and select Print and Scan to open

Find the Printer IP Address by running a command

Enter netstat -r and press Enter.
Windows Use Windows PowerShell
Run "Get-Printer -full" to get as much information as is available about each printer connected to your computer.
Mac OS
Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal and enter ippfind and press Enter.

Find the Printer IP Address on your router

To view your printer IP address, log in to the router.
In the router menu system, select Connected Devices.