How to print payslips

Printing payslips can vary depending on the method your employer uses to distribute them.


After finalising the pay period, simply click the Print Payslips button within the Payroll function.
On the left hand side select the employees for whom you wish to print payslips. Next, select your payslip design from the drop down menu. To further customise your payslips before printing, click the Options button on the right hand side.
To preview the payslips before printing, simply select Print Preview.
Select Print when ready.


How to print and reprint payslips in Sage 50 Payroll.
You can print payslips for your employees as part of the payroll run. You can also reprint payslips for any employees who request a copy of them.
1. Select the required employees, then click Payroll.
2. Click Pre-update Reports.
3. Click Dot Matrix, Email or Laser.
4. Click the payslip layout you want to use.
5. Click Print.

Print paycheques and pay stubs in QuickBooks Payroll

If you pay employees through paper cheques, you can print them out using QuickBooks Payroll.
1. Go to Payroll and select Employees.
2. Select Paycheque list below Run payroll.
3. Select the paycheque you want to print. You can select Filter▼ to change the Date range or Employee.
4. In the Action column, select Print.
5. A preview of the paycheque or pay stub opens. Select the printer icon to print.